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Data View Temperature Controller by HeatView

DATA VIEW Data Recorder

Product Overview

Revolutionize your heat treating processes with the all-new “Data View” – a cutting-edge data recorder designed for the modern age. Say goodbye to traditional chart recorders and embrace the future of temperature monitoring.

Select the perfect fit for your needs with four available sizes: 6, 12, 18, or 24 channels. Tailor the Data View to your specific requirements and take control of your heat treating operations like never before.

Key Features:

Internal Data Storage:

  • The Data View boasts a 5 GB HDD within the unit.
  • Records temperatures every minute for each channel while powered.
  • Data is securely stored and can be easily recalled through the computer application whenever needed.

Thermocouple Indicator Lights:

  • Equipped with thermocouple indicator lights above each Thermocouple jack. Two colors – green and blue:
        • Green: Thermocouple is securely plugged in and functioning.
        • Blue: Indicates an unplugged or open Thermocouple.

Specifically designed for Type K Thermocouples.

Please Download the Computer Software

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